Tuesday, July 18, 2006

just a couple quick notes

Things are good here in Moldova a country the size of Maryland. yes maryland that really small state. Speaking romanian fluently now who would have guessed that in 5 short weeks i would have prefected the romanian language far better than say my english. If you think that 5 weeks is too quickly then you are right. Right now i can only talk about my family, what i want to eat, get directions and say naked women, and my heart aches with that information. no explanation for why, there is no reason. but i love it. and soon i will be the only american in a whole entire village of 5000 where i swear some have never met an american especially one named crystal. they tend to call me christina.


Monday, July 03, 2006

the first month

So i have just figured out how to use this relatively easy computer program. awesome.

New and exciting news about moldova. I just recieved my site anouncement and have been placed outside of Chisineau. which means nothing except that i am at the capital and the biggest city. I can't say how happy i am but it will be very nice to been around a city. I go for the first time by myself and will have to get around with my very bad romanian for three days. I'm a bit nervous. i can really only say with confidence like 3- 5 simple statement. I really need to study more. whatevs. Hopefully my life will get a bit more exciting soon.

oh yesterday i went to a village full of gaggaoos people who speak a pure form of turkish and also a small bulgarian village where i saw my fair share of lennon monuments and no stalin. why you ask... because they through it in the lake. oh yes i bought a carpet.

odd facts:
1. in moldova people do not open more than one window or door because the draft between them creates a current that is believed to make you sick. so the small crammed bus system is rediculous. we are talking minivan with 25+ people= crazy smelly

Thursday, May 25, 2006